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It's just business, never personal

Chevy Woods ... just one of millions

But that is wrong. It is always personal.

Business IS Personal. We just talked about it on one of our podcasts.

People First
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What Are We Going To Do About The Rich?

I came across the Pet Shop Boys track 'What Are We Going To Do About The Rich? It seemed to be very People Firsty in nature.

Apart from the recurring refrain "What are we gonna do about the rich?" we do have other words;

They say democracy is simply very bad for business
While deploring student protests in the middle of Hong Kong
They insist that people have to work on zero contracts everywhere
So profit margins grow and shares are very strong
But one group that they never take to task
And one question that they never seem to ask

They're buyin' football clubs today with absolute impunity
And so much of the media to give themselves the power
To destroy the very notion and the feeling of community
While poisoning the public discourse hour by hour
But although it never seems to make it into Hansard
The question at some point must still be answered

They're avoiding paying taxes
While the welfare state collapses
Their extravagance and arrogance
Their lack of tact to balance this
Their lawyers and their attitude
The scale of their ingratitude
They only give to charity
For maximum publicity

Pet Shop Boys
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Age And Your Chances Of Success

Albert-László Barabási

Alberto Laszlo Barabasi @ LinkedIN

Alberto is a pioneer in network science, Albert-László Barabási uncovers the hidden order behind complex systems.

My Thoughts

Excellent summary of how what we just assume to be the truth is bunkum. This applied to our assumptions about age. Bottom line - you are never too old