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There’s A Gap

If it’s not a job – you are not an artist. I actually disagree with that, but why don’t you take a read for yourself?

Over here I share a lot of Gaping Void's work. Hugh Macleod more often than not nails it. But this one needed a comment.

Boom! That’s the way it works, for anyone in the innovation or creative business. History decides what is 'art', history decides what is 'important' ...

Meanwhile, you’re just doing your job, you’re just showing up, trying to be a pro, you’re just trying to be a grownup, you’re just trying to get paid.

Hugh Mcleod - Gaping Void

Whilst I don’t disagree that 'history' decides what is important - Hugh of all people knows that 'history' is not neutral. An example would be that 'History' for the longest time did not recognize art that came from (say) Africa, because we 'superior' Westerners were writing off thousands and thousands of years of 'art' - because it didn't fit into our Western sensibilities and so classified the art into Natural History Museums.

Example essay on this topic

But there's more.

I reject the idea that just because you aren't 'recognized as an artist' then you are not an artist. That is just wrong.

During his Blue period, Picasso wasn’t recognized, was destitute and nobody was buying his paintings. Was he not an artist until he was 'discovered' ... sounds a bit like the 'superiority gene' is kicking in again.

Sorry Hugh - wrong!