The Future of Work

Answering the question ‘What is the Future of Work’ solves the wrong problem really well, for a number of reasons.

Photo by Austin Chan, Unsplash

First, there are many possible futures - it is not yet clear what the future is, so we should be asking what is ...

A Future of Work?

Second, what the hell is ‘work’ - why do we care about it?

If you ask most people if all their creature comforts were taken care of - would they continue to do what they are doing? More than likely they will answer ’no’ - the question then is what is ...

The/A Future of Income?

Third, the future is already here, so let's call it

The Present of Work

…. and by the 'Present of Work' - your life, labour, time to do your work is not a gift, not a present. You should be paid fairly and equitably for your contribution.