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Exploitation Of People By People

Seeking Human Kindness

Vehicle Costs May Put Some Uber and Lyft Drivers in the Red

”The ride-sharing drivers earn just $3.37 per hour on average, according to an MIT study. I have said for a long time that the same people who object to treatment of workers in remote countries making phones, garments et al ... are generally the self same people who love the convenience of ‘their’ Uber. Case In Point ... disasters. We seem to worry more about issues that are close to home far more than remote ones ... 2 dead in storm floods in the next state over is so much more worrying than 200 dead in Pakistan floods ... yet exploitation of those people in Pakistan by the garment industry hits the news cycle regularly ... exploitation of our own countrymen in the so called ‘sharing economy’ ... that we don’t hear about too much at all.

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The Second Innings Of The Internet

“Moral leadership means truly putting people first and making whatever sacrifices that entails,” said Seidman. “That means not always competing on shallow things and quantity — on how much time people spend on your platform — but on quality and depth. It means seeing and treating people not just as ‘users’ or ‘clicks,’ but as ‘citizens,’ who are worthy of being accurately informed to make their best choices. It means not just trying to shift people from one click to another, from one video to another, but instead trying to elevate them in ways that deepen our connections and enrich our conversations.”

Dov Seidman, CEO of LRN

via Thomas Friedman

... makes total sense to me. What we have today is the total domination of the online world by old school, old power, old values corporations - and people be damned. That is why we started People First - and interesting to see ourselves at the intersection of organizations and issues like The Indie Web and Internet Identity amongst others.

But if you think about issues like Ad Tracking, Profiling, Big Data, Walled Gardens, Data Warehouses, Self Sovereignty, Data Ownership, Net Neutrality, POSSE, longevity - you can complete the list as well as I can ... the entire push and narrative today is to the benefit of the large corporation and the detriment of 'we the people'.

By the way - if you want to see indie web in action - is running on - a nascent but emerging micro blog environment that is just part of this particular persons war chest of tools to take back the internet for people. More of this to come in future posts.

As I have said for many years - "I am my own system of record".

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Data Is The New Oil

As I watch the emerging news surrounding MoviePass and how they are (note - not have .... despite the changes to their app) tracking their customers, I keep hearing ‘Data Is The New Oil'. It is not a new phrase and in fact as far as I can tell was coined by Clive Humby back in 2006 ... but it struck me that if true (it isn’t and I really need to publish that post) then corporations obviously view people as vessels, silos, containers … whatever, but certainly not as people.

People First

Apologies For Our Absence

... we have been doing a little housekeeping at 'Chez First' ... and now we are finished. You can expect a lot more interesting and relevant information coming through this channel. Thank you.