Travels Without Charley
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People: Leo

"In Italy I was a photographer. In Rome."

“A pretty place to photograph.”

"Well, not so much, my job was a police photographer. When someone died, I took the photographs. I was very busy. Ten years .. every day … click click click … more death. Depressing. Soul ‘killing’’. I couldn’t make a life out of death."

So different city, different country, different job?

"Yes. But same girl!"

"She said to me one day that she is coming here. To England. It seemed a good idea. Time for change."

You didn’t want to do something in photography? Maybe scenery, weddings, commercial … put your skills to a different use?


"My girl friend she is always changing. Me too. I wanted change. But Only one change. Change. Stop."

So you have been here for ten years.

"Yes. And will be for another ten. My girlfriend she has had 15 jobs in the same time. Sometimes working 50 miles away. Always changing. Always chasing. But never arriving."

"Me? I’ve arrived."

Any journey is a series of events and one of those events is the destination. [efn_note] I was reminded of this story when I was sharing a bottle of wine with a friend recently. The wine was 'own label' - and on that label was a line ... that he assured me was his, I haven't found it anywhere else so let me attribute accordingly. [/efn_note]

Travels Without Charley
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People: Alex

"I spent the day with my dog."

"What kind of dog is it?"
"A Boston Terrier."

"Oh wow, do you have pictures?"

"I did, but I lost my camera and so all my pictures."

"Oh no, you know these days it’s so easy to keep your photos backed up in the cloud, so you’ll never lose them."

"I know. I have Google storage and Verizon cloud, but I just never get round to doing it, because it isn't important."

"Well maybe you will now."

"Maybe. But now there’s an opportunity to create a set of new memories."

Travels Without Charley
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People: James and Jean

"I was born in Palm Springs" he said.

He had my attention. I know a few people who have lived in Palm Springs. James was the first time I knew of someone born there.

"Then I moved to Wisconsin."