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People: Candy

I met Candy while she was having dinner with her beau ... Brian. She is a truck driver who operates as far North as Seattle and as far South as San Jose.

Her grandfather had a business maintaining and fixing trucks. In that part of the country, back in those days, I am guessing his shop was THE place to go. Her father didn’t share the love of trucks. He tinkered. He knew his stuff ... but he didn’t feel it.

On the side, he fixed bikes. He was good at it. Very good. It was a passion. Everybody said to him that he should go into the bike business. He did. He loved it. It worked. He never looked back.

That is probably why Candy found herself riding a motorbike at the age of 5. On her first ride, she fell off. She wasn’t hurt and with help from her dad - got right back on.

She hasn’t fallen off since, let alone crashed.

It was through her bike that she met Brian. He was a pro motocross rider. Together they still ride ... on and off the roads.

A woman living a life she loves. Blending a legacy of trucks and a love of motorbikes.

"You can get what you want or you can just get old."

Billy Joel