‘Outsourcing’ and its sibling ‘Offshoring’ often suffer from ‘abdication syndrome’ as the company focuses on cutting its costs to virtualize their supply chain.


If you don’t have people inside the company who understand what the outsourcing company is up to …. how do you manage the relationship, contracts and work done?

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It’s A Pattern

In my book ‘For Business Leaders Slapped In The Face By A World They Thought They Knew’, I referenced an organization called ‘The Prout Institute’.

It came to mind as I watched this relatively unwatched (in the big scheme of things) video.

Andrew Pancholi is definitely an interesting man.

It’s a 2022 video – but predates the invasion of Ukraine, though not the build-up with the result that we have an immediate feedback loop on some aspects of how right or wrong his thinking is. (He seems to be right.)

The talk is only 35 minutes or so of the nearly 1-hour video (the rest is a Q and A) – and touched on many topics including China’s penetration into the world that Peter Frankopan – amongst others – wrote about in his 2018 book The New Silk Roads. (The Guardian). An excellent book that if the future of the world is interesting to you, this book should be either on your bookshelf – or (as in my case) in your iPad.

There is part of me that questions the pattern making ‘proofs’. Kind of like the ley lines of England … that are in the canons of ‘lost knowledge’. If you are loose enough with definitions and correlations then yes – everything is going to align.

Still, for all of that, it’s a good 35 minute listen – and it gets harder to say that as each day passes.


People, Process THEN Technology


People First

Web 3 – Whatever That Is!

Web3 …

To understand what I mean – you might want to check out this earlier post. Meanwhile, on my personal thoughts microblog, I have been collecting a series of links – you can find them here.

Meanwhile, I was thinking that it probably makes more sense to include them on this blog. Thus we have a new living post, starting with that list and expanding – as I find then – below.

Probably the most important blog that relates to this post is

Web3 Is Going Just Great

Added March 11th

World’s ‘First NFT Vending Machine’ Didn’t Work And Neither Did The NFTs

Original Links

Why Web3 matters – by John Henderson – The Idea Exchange

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs – YouTube

So … what the hell is Web3? With the Chernin Group’s Jarrod Dicker – Recode Media

The New Get-Rich-Faster Job in Silicon Valley: Crypto Startups

Notes on Web3

The Web3 Renaissance: A Golden Age for Content – by Li Jin

Web3’s Instant Rush to Centralization

Matt Birchler summarizing Moxie’s piece


Where’s The Fun

Via Doc Searls …

Kaliya Young

Phil Windley

James Beck

Peggy McCormick



Two Posts – Many Coins

This post, by Dave Rosenthal caught my eye this morning. It’s long, it’s deep and is written with authority and knowledge.

Who is David Rosenthal? In his words

I worked with James Gosling on CMU’s Andrew project in the early 80s. I was a DE with him at Sun later in the 80s working on window systems including X, and file systems. I quit to be employee #4 at Nvidia where Curtis Priem and I did the basic I/O architecture, then was an early employee at Vitria, the second company of founders of Tibco. Before I start talking about cryptocurrencies, I should stress that I hold no long or short positions in cryptocurrencies, their derivatives or related companies.

David Rosenthal

It obviously also caught Cory Doctorow’s eyes, because he went on to write a post as well. To many Cory’s will be more readable – I guess helped by him being a professional writer and Dave’s original post actually being a summary of notes and slides he presented at  Stanford’s EE380 Whether you read Dave’s or Cory’s – if not both, the conclusion is the same …

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We need to get beyond sharing data. The only way to do that is to send the code to the data instead of sending data to the code.

David Huseby

Pipelines to Platforms to Protocols

If you are interested in this world – Sangeet Paul Choudary is well worth a follow.

I found his latest newsletter interesting

Pipelines to platforms to protocols: Reconfiguring value and redesigning markets

… not least because I have been riffing on this for a while now – particularly after I heard Tim talk about this at an IIW a few years ago.

Protocols Kill Platforms  Timothy Ruff

.. which is kind of how one of the People First Tenet’s emerged …. a while back now.

Pipes Platforms Protocols


4Privacy is another interesting site found by the inimitable Doc Searls.

Looks like they are launching via Kickstarter– as of writing;

13,052 backers pledged $604,985 to help bring this project to life.