Meet John Philpin

John is a Board Level Executive with extensive international experience in software and technology in the European and U.S. markets. He consults and advises on all elements of business with a focus on Digital Transformation through three lenses;


  • Without people (all people) there is no business.


  • Revenue Growth is John’s process focus.


  • Delivered in the context of people and process to maximise success.

His international best-seller (For Business Leaders Slapped In The Face By A World They Thought They Knew) was well received by thought leaders like Geoffrey Moore (Crossing the Chasm and Zone To Win), who recommend reading his book to help you navigate a world of constant change.

John successfully led global multi-disciplinary teams that have built and taken to market software solutions that have added $100s of millions of dollars to revenue.

Equally effective in mature established companies and fast-growth ‘start-up’ environments, his experience ranges from leading international marketing and sales teams for giants such as Citi and Oracle to managing technology companies, startups and consultancies. 

John held key roles at GEC, Raytheon, Oracle and CitiCorp, and customers included BT, Rolls Royce, Nestle, Chiron, HP, J and J, and AmGen. His most recent position was CEO of a global public company with offices throughout the world, headquartered in the San Francisco, Bay Area, USA. He now serves on and works with corporate boards.

John’s passion for people and leading teams to success through sales, marketing and operations are the areas where he brings the most value. 

“Global experience is valuable, but if you don’t understand your people and their contribution, success will always remain out of reach”.
~John Philpin~

If you are a business leader struggling to deliver on your mission, John can help.

Bottom line, Revenue, Profit, RoI, Costs … they are all connected. John wants to support you to unpack the details and help your business reach its full potential by helping you understand your people, grow your revenue and optimize your technology stack.

John delivers success by focussing on people, (customers, partners, staff and team), not just technology by utilizing the ‘Business Equation’™ framework and tapping into integrated methods that deliver fast and meaningful results for your business.

Resume, References and Case Studies are available on request.